Monday, March 19, 2018

Things I Do At My Parent's House

  1. Raid the fridge.
  2. "Where're ma piano notes?"
  3. Attempt to play the piano, thinking it'll all just come back cuz I'm Mozart. Give up halfway through the song.
  4. "Can I take this?" 
  5. Look at photos of myself from a couple of years ago and cringe.
  6. Fall asleep on the couch for 4 hours as a way of "spending quality time" with the people who gave birth and raised me.
  7. Raid the fridge again.
  8. Get inspired to do something productive and then bail after thinking about the logistics of it.
  9. Receive an insane amount of fruit for one person to consume from dad.
  10. Watch some good ole reality TV on the big screen. 
  11. Randomly get insulted. 
  12. Accidentally demean one or both of the parents and instantly regret it.
  13. "I need another day of weekend."

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