This blog is my creative outlet for a general audience. This is not a personal blog. I will not talk about the feelings anchored at the darkest corner of my heart here or what keeps me up at night, unless that is a good story. This is not a travel blog, although it may have seemed that way at the beginning. The truth is this started as a make-up assignment for skipping university "summer course" my freshman year to go visit my friends and family in the States for the summer. In my defense, writing this blog more than adequately proved that me taking that the summer course on "how to skim and scan paragraphs in English (because we all know we can't possibly require university students to read whole paragraphs)" would have been a great big joke. Anyway, to continue my morbid explanation, this is not a food blog either. I'm not a foodie. If I post pictures of food, it is usually 1 of 2 reasons. 1) It is homemade. 2) I am capturing a sasquatch eating.
          To give you a hint of what you can expect from my blog if you are really that desperate to know and do not like to be surprised, here is a list of things I like: pancakes, coffee, poetry, specifically haikus, but only good ones, martial arts, film festivals, film photography, rock music, music that is skillful and clever, vinyls, dogs oh god dogs, but not small ones, Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, street art, art shows, books, night markets, gory attractions, interesting people, handwritten stuff, the sasquatch and other real or mythical creatures. This list also works as a list of things to get me for my birthday, the date of which I do not publicly reveal because I hate birthday parties and wishes. If I have not yet lost you, you will be rewarded. When you meet me, if you ever have the chance to, say the words cut me a slice of slack. I will give you a really nice curtsy.

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