Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tokyo Invasions (Part 1, Hopefully)

I've Returned to Tracking

          I've been living in Tokyo for almost a year now, and Shibuya and Harajuku have been my most visited places from the start, but only recently have I had invader sightings in these two breeding grounds of street culture. Yes, how they have slipped right under my nose baffles me as well. Let's not discuss that... But I do have a possible explanation: most of the ones I've found look very new, which could possibly mean that Monsieur Invader has been among us here in Tokyo in recent times... DUN DUN DUN! #excitement #probablyonlyme
         Anyway, below are my sightings, and note: one photo also captures the sasquatch. That one is priceless. Cheers.

If you'd like to see my Bangkok Invasion collection from wayyyy before, I've linked them here:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

One Shot Music Videos Rule

          Good morning. I am up before it gets too uncomfortably hot here, and I am feeling inspired.
          So... one shot music videos... are they not amazing? We tend to notice them or are at least subconsciously captured by them because our eyes have become so used to frequent cuts within a scene. When something uninterrupted comes along, the subtle fluidity takes hold of our senses, making us forget that Coke we wanted to go grab or that trivial message we had the urge to text. Then we find ourselves occupied with wondering how many takes it took to get the shot down.
          One shots were what was on my mind when I woke up, so here are my picks to accompany your Sunday morning. Intended to keep them current - within 5 years - and feature ones that aren't just still frames of the singer singing (though I will mention some of those at the bottom):

1. Kiesza - Hideaway (2014)

If you haven't seen this already, you are not caught up. But that's okay; this is why I'm here. Relive the 90s in 2014 with this addictive one shot dance number.

2. Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool (2013)

Oh, Phoenix. You never have to try.

3. Panic! At The Disco - Girls/Girls/Boys (2013)

I was going to say this one's for all you ladies out there, but hey if "girls like girls and boys" then perhaps boys like boys and girls too. #BrendonUrie #sexy

4. The Royal Concept - Gimme Twice (2012)

I'm waiting for this to be confirmed as a sleeper hit. Right now it's still sleeping. I'm surprised (but also thankful as a hipster) that this band hasn't received the attention I think it deserves. I don't know, give-em' twice a watch. gave myself a high five right there

4. Potato - ง่ายๆ ngai ngai (2011)

A bit emo and over-dramatic from one of the most famous Thai bands, nevertheless, so addictive.

5. OK Go - White Knuckle (2010)

... Or really just any other OK Go music video. They do a lot of this deadpan, random stuff, like the famous treadmill routine, Here It Goes Again, in 2009, and it never gets old. Anyway, in regards to this one, I totally chuckled at 2:20.

Bonus: OK Go - This Too Shall Pass (2010)

The kings of one-shots deserve another feature here.

Other noteworthy one-shots:
Lorde - Tennis Court (2013) 
The All-American Rejects - Someday's Gone (2011) 
Janelle Monae - Cold War (2010) 
Mutemath - Typical (2009) 
Vampire Weekend - A-punk (2008)

    One-shots that are not noteworthy:
    Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

    Have a feel-good day, people. Like Kiesza.