Friday, December 7, 2012

If You're My Real Friends,
You'll Read Every Word Of This.

I did not write the following piece myself, but it so accurately transcribes the thoughts already in my head. I challenge you, my blog readers, to really take in every single word of this speech. And really think about it. Think about yourself. What do you feel or how do you react when someone with this particular appearance crosses your sight? Do you assume something about them that really has no credible basis? Are you automatically scared even though you know just as much about this person as the next stranger? 
Why do you cringe? 
I'll reveal the two amazing authors and the title of this piece at the end. 
Please get there without cheating. 
- Mika

"Tattoo Taboo"
By: Namwan Sittisuntorn & Micah Gentry 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Post Exam Week Me

          I always think that I would sleep most of the day after exams away because of my need + opportunity for sleep by then. WRONG. I'd go to bed at 3 in the morning after celebrating with some series marathon, and not before trashing ALL the alarms on my phone, and then my body clock would wake me up at 7 a.m. Greattt. 
          But truth be told, a lot of things are different now that I don't have to stare at unclear PowerPoint handouts during witching hours anymore. For one thing, my sicknesses have fled with my stress. I swear my cold, which started 2 Fridays ago when I had to start studying for exams, disappeared right after my last exam. I had even prepared a thermos of hot tea for myself in the morning because I WAS sick in the morning. By afternoon, poof! Gone! My indigestion is reverting back to digestion too. Yay, that's always nice to know... I Googled, apparently this is what I had: Sleen Qi Deficiency. All symptoms accurate. I read somewhere too that the condition can be worsened by consuming too much diary and raw fruit. Well, there go my staples. Thank God, it didn't say cereal... Thank God. 
          I'm back to doing artsy fartsy stuff spontaneously too. The first freedom thing I did after exams was go to the bookstore without an agenda. I left, purchasing a stunning graphic novel, hard-covered, on sale. I say it's worth a lot more than it cost, but who am I to judge the bookstore. This reminds me that I have to find my way to IKEA or Index soon to buy shelves or a bookcase. The awkward moment you have way more books than shelf space.

Other art-related tendencies I've exhibited for the past 72 hours:
  • Fingers drawn to piano.
  • Strong desires to transcribe drum parts when listening to music on my iPod.
  • Constant decoration ambitions for my Charlie Brown's of a Christmas tree.
  • Next photography outing planned.
  • Did my nails - twice.
  • Embellished my electronics with stickers.
  • Updated my mini-me.

Definition 4 is the one you're looking for. 
       Ironically, the purpose of updating my mini-me was so that I could have one that had my long straight green or my dead-grass hair, but I just went to the salon to change my hair yet again. Can't keep up with myself. And yes, despite the break and obvious temporary change of routine, my life's level of busyness has not changed one bit. I am somehow always able to find work, or work is always able to find me. I need to practice my dodging skills. But who am I kidding? Work and I have a love-hate kind of relationship. What work is going to have to understand though is that Christmas season, to me, means time for friends. Those who are here. And those coming home.  =]