Friday, December 7, 2012

If You're My Real Friends,
You'll Read Every Word Of This.

I did not write the following piece myself, but it so accurately transcribes the thoughts already in my head. I challenge you, my blog readers, to really take in every single word of this speech. And really think about it. Think about yourself. What do you feel or how do you react when someone with this particular appearance crosses your sight? Do you assume something about them that really has no credible basis? Are you automatically scared even though you know just as much about this person as the next stranger? 
Why do you cringe? 
I'll reveal the two amazing authors and the title of this piece at the end. 
Please get there without cheating. 
- Mika

"Tattoo Taboo"
By: Namwan Sittisuntorn & Micah Gentry 

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