Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hippie Night

Me with the singing duo of Momo & Pan.

My blog needs some interesting pictures from my life, so here are some (very few) from Friday.
It was the 10th anniversary of my faculty's international program. There was fancy catering, alumni, great entertainment - none of which I actually photographed - and a theme I highly approved of... HIPPIE.

I got to help out behind the scenes with make-up for the fashion show, which was therapeutic and what I really needed to put aside all the drama going on in my life right now as the school year comes to a close in 2 weeks. Shamefully, I've really missed these extravagant events my faculty is notorious for, which is me indirectly saying that I haven't been participating. And deeper into this statement is my regret for somewhat losing touch with my amazing, vibrant classmates who constantly invest their time and talents into making these events possible.
Self-intervention: I need to prioritize people better. 


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