Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mobile Post:
"Warrior Princess in the Garden"

Wow, this is the first time I am attempting to blog from my phone. Sometimes I can't believe where we've arrived with technology.

Anyways, in real time, I am on my way to eat a fancy Mediterranean lunch at the Le Meridien, located on Surawongse. Now I didn't wake up this morning and declare: "I'm going to be Pocahontas today!" - I'm not that inspired - but my look just came together that way. Must be my recent tan, newly dyed black hair, and this new turquoise "warrior princess" necklace I got from Richelle. Which altogether gave me a reason to camwhore this morning (aren't we always searching for one?). Here is testimony to my dorkiness... Ran outside barefoot (because putting on sandals is apparently too time consuming) to take pictures with the plants in my garden. Just to be "more Pocahontas". I smiled in the first picture because that is my natural habit, but then I realized Pocahontas doesn't really smile. She's got this sultry, ultra-sexy serious face. So, I tried to mimic that... In my garden alone. And not really alone because my neighbor was literally 3 feet away from me in his garage. Good morning, sir.  =]

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