Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesdays Suck, Until You Win The Lottery

I declare Wednesdays the new Monday. Hating on Monday is out of style, says the trendsetter. Let's get back to basic science and arithmetic here. Wednesday is the middle of the week, thus the equilibrium of weariness and hopelessness: you have worked for 2 days, and you have 2 more days to work.

But rules of logic aside, the reason Wednesday throws me off in particular is because it's the day of the week I return from my internship to a very random curriculum at university. Remember that childhood game of making a delayed whirlpool in your water bottle by thrusting the bottle upright forward and then stopping the action abruptly? I feel like that water on Wednesdays. It's mind-numbing starting the day with a Japanese class you find tough, then moving on to get-out-your-color-pens-and-draw-a-mind-map class (I HAVE HATED MIND MAPS SINCE THE FIRST GRADE WHEN I WAS INTRODUCED TO THEM), to finally a 3-hour business class, which should be renamed "Common Sense 101" for the sake of disclosure.

But how was Wednesday this week different for me? I won the good class partner lottery.

In that get-out-your-color-pens class, we drew numbers from a bag, and I got lucky number 13. Lucky because of who in the class had the other 13.

Unintentional sabotage by leaving class without returning this. 
His name was Christian, and he and I were supposed to share our mind maps (Gosh, I can't even type that word without cringing) to each other in Japanese. Christian went first, and I'm glad he did because 2 words he said ended the assignment for us: Melbourne + coffee. That was it. Done. What could have been a very drab/awkward/unremarkable class assignment had I matched up with a person who cared for mind map conversations became the type of delightful first encounter you tend not to expect after 7 weeks into the semester, much less 8 months into a program.

It is always a bursting pleasure for me to remember my beautiful experience in Melbourne with someone, and it only got more interesting with the topic of coffee. He told me that he is on a "coffee pilgrimage" while in Japan and proceeded to show me his guidebook:

A little hooked on this page because drip is how I was taught coffee.

This magazine is actually in my possession right now because he lent it to me then and there! You can guess I'll be studying Tokyo geography this week - mapping out cafes that is. Even as a longtime enthusiast of coffee, I admit that meeting Christian and his magazine was like a double or triple shot of motivation in a watered-down while #metaphoralert. Hoping to share a moment of Christian's pilgrimage soon!

[Sorry not sorry if I shattered the golddiggin' dreams you had upon reading the title of this post.] 

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