Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tokyo Invasions (Part 1, Hopefully)

I've Returned to Tracking

          I've been living in Tokyo for almost a year now, and Shibuya and Harajuku have been my most visited places from the start, but only recently have I had invader sightings in these two breeding grounds of street culture. Yes, how they have slipped right under my nose baffles me as well. Let's not discuss that... But I do have a possible explanation: most of the ones I've found look very new, which could possibly mean that Monsieur Invader has been among us here in Tokyo in recent times... DUN DUN DUN! #excitement #probablyonlyme
         Anyway, below are my sightings, and note: one photo also captures the sasquatch. That one is priceless. Cheers.

If you'd like to see my Bangkok Invasion collection from wayyyy before, I've linked them here:

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