Monday, February 9, 2015

"Basic": A Break Down of the Term


          When I was little, "basic" meant something along the lines of fundamental, essential, the bare necessities - a neutral word, void of connotation. But nowadays, "basic" has taken on a new meaning with heavy underlying implications, which a lot of you seem to not get. Because when I say "you are basic", you should be searching hard for a comeback.
          So I write this blog, not because I've just discovered the word - it's been around for a good 1-2 years already - but because of two reasons. 1) I'm an educator at heart. And 2) breaking down this term was a worthwhile mental exercise for me. Because as easy as it is to find a perfect human example of "basic" in real life, it is actually difficult to explain such individuals in words to someone who is unfamiliar with the term. They're just, you know, BASIC. You feel me?? The best concise definition I can offer for the term (if you don't have time for the detailed one that follows) relies on a popular phrase you've probably heard from your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend one time or another - "you're one in a million." Well, being basic simply means being a part of the 999,999 in a million. 
          But if this is still not enough for you and are willing to stay on with me, my full definition is as follows:

often used in conjunction with "bitch", as in "basic bitch", 
describes an individual who... 

1. Thinks that "coffee" is sugar, spice, and everything nice blended like a DQ blizzard, only more expensive than a DQ Blizzard because it's in a cup labelled "Starbucks".
This is also why they think "coffee" is fattening.

2. Uses the words "bae" and "bestie"
in reference to lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses/crushes/partners/simply attractive people and
best friends, respectively.

3. "Feels loved" with their "bae" on Facebook more than once a month.
Degree of basic depends on how much more than once a month.
E.g. everyday = very basic; twice a month = a little basic.

4. [whose] "besties" are also basic.

5. [whose] favorite movie is The Fault in Our Stars.

6. Posts unnecessary selfies with irrelevant and hackneyed motivational quotes
But is not able to quote quotes in real-life situations.

7. Says "insta" anything.
Yes, even on Instagram, this is considered basic.

8. Quotes Taylor Swift lyrics
On their unnecessary selfie, obviously.

9. Owns a selfie stick.

10. Is oblivious to the term basic.

I dedicate this post to the basics out there, 
because we couldn't be one in a million without you guys.

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