Friday, September 30, 2011

Wearing Chucks, Not Making It To The Gym, and That 1% of Uncertainty

          Yesterday, I was so set on going to the gym after the morning exam, that I didn't even bother to wear my white uniform shoes and wore my Chucks to the exam like a boss. Yet I also intended to go to the bookstore, and since I decided to hit Kinokuniya first - under the condition of being book-deprived - I never made it to the gym.
         But truthfully, I had an important reason to go book shopping yesterday other than for myself. Earlier this week, a friend of mine who I don't get to see everyday had a birthday. I will be meeting her in a few hours for another very special occasion, which I'll probably elaborate on in another post. Anyways, when I usually struggle to decide what to buy my friends for their birthdays, uniquely with her, I have no trouble figuring out what to get as the perfect gift - a book. The only problem I had with buying a book for her was finding a meaningful one that I've read that she hasn't. To give you a picture of how difficult this was, consider the fact that in high school, we once took a course that gave us a list of 50 or so books, from which we were to select 2-3 to read and report on. What are the odds that, out of that list, we were chose 2 same books [Wild Swans and Like Water for Chocolate]? We didn't even really know each other then.
          After 4 hours though, I did find one, which I'm 99% sure she hasn't read. I got her this:

One of my faves.
My copy on the right.
Happy Birthday, Mind. =]
Irrelevant: Why are philosophy books so expensive?! I wanted so many yesterday. 


  1. I am so touched you took the time to find me a a perfect gift...and it is! It is perfect! You've been touched by it, but I haven't read it. But if you had gotten me a book I've read before, then I would read it again. :)
    (But I have to destroy some of the magic-- I read Wild Swans and Water for Chocolate, but not A Handmaid's Tale. Oh well. Lol.)

    Anyway, I read your note in the book. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. I'm so glad to have a friend who "gets" me. Let's go to another artsy event soon! Also, YOUR birthday is coming up! ;D


  2. Very, very excited about this book. It's one of those that you're always meaning to read, but never get around to. Thanks again!

  3. OH! You have not read Handmaid's Tale?? Oh man, I was so sure! Okay... editing. But also, I recommend. =D