Thursday, November 3, 2011

Your Slowness Will Be Penalized

          Hey everyone, I'm back in Bangkok. Back to fend the flood. But to be honest, my stay in Hong Kong wasn't any less stressful. Most of my time was spent walking up and down a mountain-university, debating intensely, and finding myself in awkward circumstances with people. Tell me how that's a vacation!  Even on Halloween, the day of my departure and my only free day, we did what I would call "extreme strategic shopping". Ploy, Pare, Pynx, and I are officially, pro international shoppers. We planned and timed everything. For example, at H&M in Central, we had exactly 20 minutes to make our selections, endure the line at check-out, pay for our stuff, and get out! *Note to males: this is technically impossible for females.* And we were like this throughout the whole day, at every store. I literally had lunch on the run (gobbled down two creamy raisin muffins while on foot inside IFC shopping mall). We saved Mong Kok (downtown area, lots of street shops) for last, where we bumped into the rest of our people, those who wanted to relax more and spent their entire day at Mong Kok. Puh-leaze.
          I truly believe that a second later at any spot I hit, and I would have missed my flights. The gate closed for no exceptions at 21.00... I walked through it at 20.58. Sweet! But boy, were some of the seniors pissed. And I believe I deserve a little more credit than anyone else for managing two cameras and wearing high heels. Like a boss.
          Here's the first batch of my Hong Kong trip photo montage. Expect a follow up post. Enjoy. =]

Flying Emirates. Their food & in-flight entertainment were superb!  Look how happy Aim is with her mango juice.
A random montage of Pong and New at nights.
New turned 19 on Oct. 31st.
HK street food! I have to say Hong Kong cold tofu milk is the best remedy for traveling fatigue. Even the convenient store ones were so satisfying.
Adventures of Mika and the Three P's.
Mong Kok - like Siam Square, but more spread out.
Random favorites of Central, Hong Kong.

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