Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Zuckerberg Way of Relieving Rage

          What is with the sudden parental crackdown on what I wear?! The raised brow before I walk out the house has always haunted my only-daughter life, but now skirts and shorts that used to pass inspection are "too revealing"? WHAT WHAT WHAT? At this rate I'm going to run out of long pants! I bet this is the result of a paradigm shift in bottoms' length. What do I mean? I mean the freshman skirt that I've been wearing to classes faithfully. To be even more of a rule-stickler, I've been wearing my skirt at the stipulated length: covering calves! They're so used to not seeing my knees, I guess, that they begin to equate knees as my "privates". Two people need a reality check. 

Left: parents' expectation // Right: my day look choice from

I also don't think long pants will lower my risk of getting raped. Sorry.

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  1. I shall be stalking your blog from now (just found the link :P) MWAHAHAHAHA

    ...Okay, it's a real cool blog Sadistic Mika. 8D