Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Feastin' the Philippines

Disclaimer: this post shows no reference to any traditional ethnic food of the Philippines, but rather, international foods that can be enjoyed in the Philippines (with assistance of  a generous patron).

Unlimited Seafood @The Sofitel

Sweets @The Sofitel

[Too Much] Tempura
The grill's flames were so weak, it took us forever to finish our meal. Plus, we over-ordered on meat. 

Korean BBQ

Sbarro's Pizza @The Mall of Asia
The most succulent pizzas.  Really enjoyed my Spinach-Mushroom choice.
And look at those thick quiches!
Pon's taking out her post-debate aggression on her Caesar salad. =]

Krispy Kreme Room Party

Chinese Food @Makati

French Cuisine @The Sofitel
Hams, cheese, pâté, and an unethical amount of foie gras - don't ask! I feel bad.


  1. F-foie gras.
    Now I have more incentive to join debate club... xD

  2. Hi where is this korean bbq?thanks