Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Secret to Punctuality – It Ain’t So Difficult, People!

          So recently, my (Thai) friends announced that they were turning over a new leaf. They informed me - I was flattered - that they were no longer going to conform to one aspect of Thai culture: being late.
          Since I stand for punctuality (and nonconformity), I give them my full support. I will definitely receive my share of benefits out of their new understaking. For instance, not having to wait alone and pathetically at meeting points. Not having to lie and say "it's okay" when people arrive with an apology and smiles. To be honest though, I think a vow to be punctual is such an easy one to make that I feel like I'm being cheated. But I guess, I should be more forgiving. Not everyone was raised my time-Nazis like my dad. So instead of complaining about (Thai) people's inability to be on time, here I offer some noncritical comments on how punctuality works: 

  1. "(Professor) Kennedy is so strict. If you're 15 minutes late, you're marked absent!"
    This is a statement one of my classmates made this week. (Sorry, dude.) He was obviously at least 15 minutes late to Professor Kennedy's class that day. What I wonder is if he ever went to high school. Because as I recall, in high school there was no leeway for getting to class on time. So even though Kennedy may be stricter than other professors, his "unreasonable" policy is for unreasonable behavior, and therefore suiting.
  2. Planning to arrive at exactly the designated time is not punctual.
    I never understand people's pity when they call me at the designated time and find out I've been waiting there for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is bearable. And if you really feel sorry for me, then why not show up as soon as you can?
  3. If you're Thai, you grew up here, you should be an expert at the traffic. No excuse.
    To some degree, the traffic is predictable. There are patterns. For example, I know that if I leave the house at 7, it'll take me at least 1.5 hours to reach university. If I leave the house at 9, it'll take me about 1 hour. Learn these things!
  4. Punctuality is attractive. Which is better: a date who almost stood you up or a date who planned to be with you? Chronic lateness is truly a turn-off. Good looks and wit don't make up for it!
  5. The US, Europe, and Japan are known to be time-oriented societies.
    They are also the A-listers in development... Hint, hint.
  6. McDonald's breakfast ends at 11:30, maybe, so get there earlier!


  1. No.6 sounds somewhat personal. haha

  2. ooh! So gotta agree with this! I don't understand how no matter how late I am, I'm still the one waiting! I mean, I think I've counted all those traffic pattern and stuff so I can arrive exactly at the designated time -or 5 minutes late (which is actually break your 2nd rule), but still finding nobody there! *gasp* people... tsk...

    in the end, sometimes I kinda just enjoy the time waiting, lol... this is bad how I've gotten used to it! XD maybe I should move to the US, Europe, or Japan? :))