Sunday, June 3, 2012

A month after the last day of freshman year, my summer has finally begun.

          As you know I just came back from the United Asians Debating Championships in Malaysia (9 days of exhausting your brain and belly), and right now I am more than ready to toss responsibilities out the window - or shove them maliciously off a building to be more precise. 
          Since finals week, I have been envisioning an ideal summer life of doing nothing but producing art, reading, watching movies, and spending time with loved ones under the absence of duty. Already, I am fulfilling my summer calling. Yesterday, I met up with Micah and Namwan, and we the three of us did some serious damage on Wii Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution. I just had to confirm if they woke up sore this morning too. (Affirmative.) Besides the high-adrenaline fun, it was incredibly satisfying to just talk and laugh with the two over dessert. It amazes me how easy it was to arrange this last minute hangout (Micah is heading off to college in the US) and how easy it also was to say "goodbye" and "see you in perhaps a year". Same thing with tonight's farewell party for the Montgomerys, two teachers who have significantly shaped my character and outlook on life, society, and humanities (pretty much everything). For me, it didn't feel like the last time I would ever see them. It was just gold to see and talk to them as always. The dinner was attended by about 20 of my high school class, the ones who have remained here or have returned for the summer. There was also a gratifying warmth in seeing that "Two Oh Eleven" is essentially the same despite having gone our separate ways after grad: while we'll always have those we relate to more than others in the class,we are still completely capable of coming together as one class, one family. I used to try to convince myself that I was biased in thinking this as an exclusive trait of my class, but now I know better and save myself the energy. 
          Peeking a little into the future, my summer looks like it's going to be the best one yet. Tomorrow I get started on a seasonal addiction of mine: the European Union Film Festival. (Will post a day-by-day schedule of the films next.) In other news, I am impatient to get my next roll of film developed, I want to go shopping so badly, and I'm excited about all the books I'm going to read and that Pae is coming home in the week.  

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