Tuesday, February 18, 2014

14, 15, 16

I ran out of ideas. 

Pae and I approached the past Friday like any other day. In the morning, after I put the final brushstrokes on a painting I had been working on, we went out for coffee, people watching, and a spontaneous purchase of this biography:
$10, from a charming little corner store called "The Book Grocer".
One of those I-unquestionably-need-this-in-my-possession moments.
Afterwards we decided to go back home for the afternoon - me to the elliptical (treadmill was unavailable) and Pae to his videogames. Eventually, we headed out again for sushi, and again as a result of whims, returned home with Aussie souvenirs and a beanbag chair.

The day after, nothing much happened except me getting sort of arrested for inadequate credits on my tram card. Pae made a delicious Thai dinner afterwards:
Foreground: Seafood Tom Yum Fried Rice
Background: Fried Morning Glory, Thai-styled Omlet
Sunday was the most random of the three. On a peculiarly rainy and chilly morning, I went for brunch at a busy place called "Auction Rooms" with Pae and 2 of his friends. 
Afterwards, Pae took me to the National Gallery of Victoria where we weaved in and out of a bunch of exhibitions. We saw everything from ancient Asian art to classic European to trippy modern stuff. At one point, we sat down among children and made amulets.
On the way home, we browsed through the Sunday market. And for dinner we collaborated on making Hiyashi Chuuka, a becoming favorite of ours. 


(P.s. I'm headed to Brisbane in a few hours to reunite with Namwan.)

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