Thursday, February 6, 2014

Made It To Melb

          I almost can't believe my current habitat: I'm sitting at a quaint little dining table, just the right size for two, on it summer peaches waiting to be ripened, bottles of water, juice, and the remnants of our very late brunch. To the left is a kitchen and pantry room, possibly the most stocked one I've ever seen (thanks to a boyfriend who cooks). In my experience, it's pretty rare to arrive at a place that already has all the ingredients one needs for scratch-pancakes, and then some more. To the right is the living room, my view of Pae's sunny backside, an ongoing Japanese action video game, and the sunniest 6:30 p.m. I've seen in a long time. Just two days ago, I was in a snowing Tokyo - where night falls at 4 p.m. - and now I'm here in Melbourne, in a tank top and shorts, thinking it's still morning and wondering where or what my first outing in Australia will be. Unnecessary grocery shopping? Coffee? Ice Cream? We'll see.

Before it became remnants.
6:30 post meridiem.

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