Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Samui Calling - Part 1

The day after Christmas, Pae and I, equipped with humungous raisin bread ham-and-cheese sandwiches, courtesy of dad, made our way to Suvarnabhumi for an early flight to Koh Samui. This was both our first flight together and first trip to Samui, so a big deal for us. We stayed at Nora Buri Resort and Spa on the eastern coast of the island, known as Chaweng Beach. Although locals informed us, apologetically, that the weather was less than ideal this time of year, just this year, we really weren't bothered by it at all during our entire stay. Most of the heavy rainfall we experienced lasted a whole minute! The one storm that did perhaps happen was considerate enough to happen when we were dog tired in our room. (Thank you, Mother Nature.) The truth is this trip was just about eating, sleeping, reading our books by the pool, taking turns carrying each other in the pool to the entertainment of other guests, and taking strolls together. Pure relaxation with the ocean as our background and soundtrack. 

Day 1: December 26th

Chaweng Beach, Samui
Stormy but beautiful, like Radiohead

Pae's great misfortune that he has me for dinner company. Both of me.

Some of our orders @ RockPool

I'm still thinking about this mesmerizing painting. If only it could have #fitmysuitcase.

The mixture: Jack Daniels, vanilla ice cream, and very fragrant caramel popcorn.

A little night walk around Central Festival, Samui.

He's getting us our Speculoos ice cream!
#instantfavorite #willbebackformore

"The Best" was down the road, but hey, "Very Good" is very good!
Came back from our night walk to this!
Earlier, the porter hadn't given a chance to say that we weren't newly weds.
#honeymoonspecial #NoraBuriwasprettyawesome

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