Thursday, January 1, 2015

Samui Calling - Part 2

Day 2: December 27th

Meeting the Yingyoud Sisters

The tide was low and the skies were clear enough on day 2 to take a ferry to mainland (Nakhon Si Thammarat province) to visit Pae's fabulous Melbourne acquaintances, the Yingyoud sisters, on their turf. Despite what looked to us to be accommodating weather, we were still politely encouraged by concerned resort staff to enjoy the waves of their pools instead. "You're going to have to down a bottle of sea sickness meds if you're going out there today," advised our golf cart chauffeur as he bought us to the lobby where we'd catch a cab to the port. Quite confident in my own immunity to any form of motion sickness, I asked Pae if he had the same kind of confidence. He did. We were already on the boat when I asked.

On the other side, the Yingyoud sisters picked us up and drove us through winding roads and thickets to their restaurant, Krua Tangke. There, we had a filling "linner" (lunch/dinner) of Thai seafood dishes and banter - Pae vs. everyone else, to be specific.

Before catching the last ferry back to the island, we stopped by another Yingyoud establishment for cider, a bit of Thai dessert, last words and strong wind. When we managed to find transport back to our accommodations on the other side of the island - no easy task at night - we whipped out The Grand Budapest Hotel and what was still left over in our fridge from the "honeymoon special" of the day before. You'll see.

Tall-Dark-and-Handsome on the port.

A Telebubby

The Famous Butt

Check In

The Yingyouds facing adulthood.

The second joint.

"Happy Honeymoon" Blueberry White Choc Cake


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