Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Year And Two Months Later...

My last post was over a year ago, and in that year, I had only blogged thricepathetic. I've never forgotten about thisdidntfitmysuitcase or "You Lens Cap Is On" (seven years and I'm still confused about which is my blog's name), but I truly thought I was finally able to let it drift off into the Phantom Zone of the Internet. There's a lesson about love and attachment to be learned here: if you're gonna break-up, make it official. Burn the bridge. Otherwise, there's always a chance of going back.

So here I am. Not really back for good, just teasing my blast from the past. After revisiting some 20 entries for the last hour and being legitimately entertained, I am inspired to do a quick comparison of myself then and now so you can all see as well how I've tragically regressed from my once-enlightened, eloquent younger self. RIP.

  • Career. I am no longer an underpaid lifestyle writer with no work hours and hence no sense of what is work and what is play. I'm an editor now, a digital editor, for a pretty well-established English magazine in Thailand. It's a totally different ball game. Like, I actually have to be responsible. For people. And the direction of the company. NBD. At this point, there is practically no hope for me in relating to 20 year-olds, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. 
  • I have facial piercings now. Two on my nose. I think I woke up one day feeling like I missed out on one significant rite of passage in my angsty teenage years. Unexpectedly, my nose rings are fitting in, in my adult life very well and might stick around longer than I intended them to. 
  • The Sasquatch and I have parted ways, and I have my own place now. Don't be sad. Remember, Brad and Angie also broke up last year, but we can still appreciate what was and move on. I love my new independence, and Sassy, as far as I know, is shaking things up good in Shanghai because Bangkok wasn't big enough for the both of us. 
  • I recently made a new record of revisiting a country within the same year. And... I am about to visit Taiwan for the third time this year. Crazy. Blogging opp? Perhaps. 
  • I own a Rabbit Card now. But I'm still a rabid driver.

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