Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bad English Suck

Dear People,

          Why do you not appreciate when I inform you that you are using a word out of context, that "me" cannot be the subject, and that you are putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable? I point out not to interrupt your flow of language, but to improve it. I do it out of love - for you and for the English language.
          "Get a life!" You scream at me. "Don't you have something better to do that correct my grammar? No body cares!" Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I think speaking English correctly is important. And I'm sorry you think that speaking English correctly is such a backbreaking undertaking for me that it robs me of my livelihood. Let me assure you that I take no effort to correct you, so don't worry about it. Thanks for the concern though. =]
          What I don't understand is the duplicity of people's attitudes towards grammar. In formal settings, you are so grateful for my editing favors. Why, you even laugh with me at the emails our faculty office sends us that sound like they were written by 10 year-olds who know copy-paste long words like "communications". Once we're outside though, I'm suddenly public enemy number one because correct grammar is only for the workplace.
          If it really annoys you that much, I'll limit myself to a grimace. However, I still think that keeping the grammar switch on continuously is a better lifestyle, especially living among people whose first language isn't English. The society I live in tends to express a desire to improve English skills, but people have yet to align actions with attitude. My question is: why even need correct English anywhere then? If it seems that unimportant to people, why even require it at all?
          So keep slapping me in the face. I won't stop telling you that "you're" = "you are."

Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar Nazi <3


  1. it does annoy the hell out of me when people can't differentiate you're and your, it's and its, he's and his.. oh my goodness, what the heck is wrong with these people??? *rawrrr*

    not that my english is perfectly perfect (because it's not) but at least I learn to make it better... and I'm such a grammar nazi here too, although ironically grammar is one of my biggest weakness :| so yeah, you have a friend here, lol :D

  2. Not the category I wish to be in. Yes, people need to be more open but we all studied we perceive ourselves as superior than others and thus, not many like being righted.