Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things I Don't Feel Guilty About Spending Money On [Part 1]

          The first Saturday in a while that I've woken up with the propensity to accomplish things. So today, I'm up for a fun blog post with pictures! Yay! Because that's all you visitors come here for, right? We all just skim through the text, don't we? Just kidding. I know you guys read what I write! (*insert nervous laugh here*)
Anyway... In no particular order of importance, here are the 
5/10 Things I Don't Feel Guilty About Spending Money On:

1. High Heels
You have to understand where I'm coming from - that is, 152 centimeters from the ground. 
The need for elevation has thus brought me to appreciate the art of these "treacherous contraptions".

2. Books
"Get a kindle!" I'm often told. The thing is... when I buy a book, I not only buy the author's idea; I also buy the tangible paper pages that make a crisp sound when I turn them over between my thumb and index finger. The paper pages that have the ability to indicate the age of a book by color and smell. And the paper pages that make up sizable objects to fill up my bookshelves so colorfully. There is no way I could give up such an amazing form.

3. Ice Cream
Living in Thailand, you can't put a price on things that keep you cool. But to be honest, even when I was in Japan or America where the weather is cool and ice cream is expensive, it was just impossible to be frugal about ice cream.

4. Camera-Related Things
Got a good DLSR - need additional lens to take even better pictures. Got the lens - need lens filter to protect it. DLSR too big sometimes - need a small digital camera. Got a digital camera - need a film camera. Got a film camera - need film. Got film photographs - need to have them scanned into digital files for this day and age. Have every camera other than a polaroid - need a polaroid camera. Got a polaroid camera - need polaroid film. Polaroid camera has no strap - need a strap for polaroid camera... And throughout this endless cycle, no guilt is felt.

5. Cereal
It can be a snack and a legit meal. So easy to whip up. So fun to consume. No shame on how much I spend on it.

Stay tuned for the next 5 things on this list. =]

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  1. I'm around 152 too :D And I feel the same way about books!