Tuesday, March 27, 2012

These Are The Days

          Where to begin... I feel like my lifestyle has never been in better shape. Most of it has to do with how I've been starting my days. I've been getting into the habit of going to the gym early every morning. This is followed by a very longgggggggg and leisurely taken shower. Then I'm invincible. Throw anything at me, I can handle it. My heart is pumped. My eyes are wide. My muscles are tight. And my hair is clean.
          Gosh, it sounds like I'm on drugs, doesn't it? I admit my persistence does qualify for addiction, but at least the outcome is a healthier pair of lungs and heart, rather than the opposite. Being diligent in the gym also motivates me to be healthy outside of it as well. I've become fond of brisk walking, opting for stairs, and balanced meals. Remarkably, I've even become more positive, enthusiastic, and tolerant (except for slow walkers; they still piss me off.)
          The positivity thing is really what I'm most grateful about these days. I might have finally discovered the cure for my bad habit of disappearing on people.  (Somewhere out there, Tripti, Aim, Pond, Nice, and Sookhee are cheering.) I notice myself wanting to spend more time with friends and having the stamina to do so. I can't seem to shut up on the days I run in the morning! It is also an asset to my teaching job. Believe it or not, despite the recent influx of editing requests (#LiteraryStudiesClass), I am even more passionate about teaching English these days. I surprised myself several times last week not thinking twice about going the extra miles for my students. It is so satisfying too, to receive their sincerest gratitude in return. I feel genuinely appreciated and honestly go to sleep at night hoping the best for my students. This all makes me eager to get involved in the freshman entrance process taking place at my faculty. Who's my nong is going to be? He or she is going to get the best roon p' ever! (<-- The fact that this is NOT said sarcastically is just enthralling!)
           And somehow I have organically returned the things I used to love to do in my spare time: (running), reading, martial arts, writing, illustrating, movie-watching, photography... and performing dance, a chapter of my life that I thought was long over! I even got into the debating spirit - which is very rare - last Thursday, going back and forth between university and the place I tutor at, to participate in the ongoing varsity debate tournament. 
          Finally, I get to say this about myself: diew nii fit khode khode! (damn fit these days!)

"Mascara": a recent spontaneous photography project I did.
It was a night both my mom and I had dressy events to attend to.
I came home with stage make-up and she with masks. Thus creativity was born.
My favorite picture is the second one down from the left.

Tript, Pond, Sooks, Nice, and I threw Aim a surprise birthday lunch last Tuesday.
The weekend before, I had the pleasure of losing track of time with some of the TwoOHElevens at Bang Na.
The night before that, us Nitade gals danced for our roon p's in the "Thank Roon P' Event". ["Thank Roon P' Event"photos by: Pakky]

This week, through grainy eyes of my BlackBerry camera.

And now I leave you with my ultimate work-out song. The relevance. Check it out:


  1. will look forward to reading the next one :D

  2. Love the red eyelashes in the Thank Roon P' Event XD

  3. I see now why you've been overwhelmed with happiness recently :P