Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creepy, Dark, Controversial,
and Beautiful

          Explanation for the picture: I just think the 2 items are things our anti-heroine, Lisbeth, would find useful. (I don't own a golf club, if you know what I mean...)
Well, first off, I gotta say I haven't enjoyed reading like this in a while. This read was such a reward after trying to gobble down The Windup Girl - unsuccessfully - and The Slaughterhouse Five (Sorry, Sooks, I'm just not into that kind of sci-fi).
          The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a book I couldn't abandon anytime I left the house this past week, and it was primarily due to the aura of the title character. I have to admit, with most of the book switching back and forth between events surrounding Mikael Blomkvist and those surrounding Lisbeth Salander, I often found myself rushing through Mikael's happenings so I could find out what Lisbeth was up to. Then when Lisbeth's sequences would end, I would be craving to follow her even more.  I can say she is one of the most original and admirable characters I have ever encountered. Just like her acquaintances in the story, I am mesmerized by her enigma. To the point that I'm not sure whether I desire to be her or I'm turning lesbian... Her allure is truly that bewildering. 
          But more than just the guilty pleasure of obsessing over her cut-throat, angry personality, there is the frustration and sadness of Lisbeth's hopelessness in companionship. If you're like me and you fall for this mad creature, empathy is going to come down hard on you.
          Don't be misguided though, the book's not only moving just because of one character. It's got one heck of a twisted, sinister plot. And it is quite an insight on real controversies in Swedish society. 
         Not for the faint-hearted.

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