Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If You Can Catch A Break, Seize It.

          What a rewarding afternoon I had with my dad, after a full week of demanding work... 
          Today was my last day working as a staff for the Rotary convention being hosted in Bangkok. For a week, I've been working at a desk in hotels, answering questions, blah, blah, blah... Some of my friends joined the program too. Though none of us got assigned to the same places or the same tasks, I'm positive we all experienced our ultimate downs and ups. For me personally, it has been a challenge juggling staffing, tutoring, and finishing up my freshman year of uni. But I'm glad to have pulled through all and to have learned the valuable lessons I have. For one, I have discovered (or rediscovered) the advantage of being bold before being sure of correctness. I've also learned that I'm not as antisocial as I thought I was - kudos to me. And I learned that more than unreasonable guests, I don't appreciate people who always insist on playing the my-job-is-harder-than-your-job game. Listen to Plato: "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
          Anyway, after such trying experience, I decided that it has been too long since the good ole days when just my dad and I would go out for a blockbuster and a meal or two. So after work today, I called him up and asked him out, despite the fact that after work I'm usually only up for one thing: to go home and die on my couch
          The two of us ended up having some refreshing mango smoothies at True Coffee, watching The Avengers, and finishing off our date with really amazingly authentic Japanese ramen at Chabuton. The timing was just perfect. The thing is I am actually dreading the arrival of tomorrow because I know a new load of responsibilities will be dumped on me. Hence, the meaning behind this post's title. I've been longing for my summer break to really begin - that is, to feel true freedom. But I have realized that it is so difficult for me to catch a break. I'm just one who keeps herself busy. It's my nature. So today I just caught a rare moment of tasklessness, and by instinct I seized it. The moment was so genuine, it didn't matter (as it usually does) that I didn't have my good camera to capture it:

[Via my BlackBerry]
1. Last time wearing that uniform  2. Like my shirt?  3. "Mango Twist" it's called
4. My favorite guy's the green one, even when he's not green  5. Tonkotsu Ramen

P.S. Working at a hotel, I DID see a guest try to take a picture when her LENS CAP WAS ON. =]

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  1. You and your dad are my FAVORITE :]