Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things I Don't Feel Guilty About Spending Money On [#6]

6. Records
This is a bit eccentric of me, but I have always cherished my parents' vinyls that they have kept from their youth, and so it thrills me to add my own possession to the aged collection.  I admit that I do selfishly indulge in the fact that record-collecting is a such an arcane hobby for someone of my age (and geographic region), but hey, I think we all know by now that I am an old soul. Besides that, the philosophy behind buying a vinyl is much like my philosophy behind being a book. When I buy a record, I'm buying a physical piece of art itself. And it is also art which ages so beautifully. #rebelofthedigitalage

Mom & Dad's
Becoming a Jackal (2010) - Villagers
My favorite album of all time: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009) - Phoenix
The vinyl and inner sleeve of Serotonin (2010) - Mystery Jets

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