Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Because There Are More Important Things Than Travel Stories

          I've been experiencing a severe case of writer's block since my last post, and for this past week I haven't been able to press the "publish" button on any of my drafts. My educated guess for why I can't write lately is because there is so much to write about every single day but everyday is also a new story to live out.  And perhaps some stories are so amazing (or so amazingly horrible) that I feel unable to do them justice in html. But I am desperate now to get myself out of this funk, so I'm just going to pick the strongest topic I have and forget about the rest. Here it is: 
I've got amazing friends.  

          As commonplace as this will sound, they really helped me get through an impossible week. I've never been keen on relying on others, but last week I learned that tearing down your wall of pride to ask for help or to just admit that you aren't alright isn't an unattractive concession of weakness but a sincere human attempt to get back on your feet. (Good to know that I'm still learning.) And I wouldn't have realized this if it weren't for friends who made me feel normal and exceptional at the same time. I needed to feel normal because I didn't want to be "news" and to be reminded of my misery. But I needed to feel exceptional in order to recover quickly and accomplish greater things. How did they do this for me? They were patient - waiting indefinitely until I was ready to talk. They were understanding - picking up that I didn't need to be babied, I just needed to be heard. They were sincerely willing - to do whatever it was that I needed them to do. (Even if it was waking up early on a Saturday to go to an all-day audition with me. Or not minding that I needed to go to an audition on the day I promised to watch Spiderman together.)  And lastly, they were present - even when half of them are on the other side of the world, I felt like they were all literally holding me up. 

          For those who I'm writing to directly (you know who you are), I would consider it an utter failure on my part if you believe that what you did for me was nothing. Because it means the universe to me. So shut up, and accept this.


  1. Mika, I love you. You know how important you are for me, so all I did was trying to be the best friend I was able to be...