Monday, July 16, 2012

Kansai, Ojamashimasu [Part 2]

3 Locations In 3 Days
Day 2: Osaka
          Finally, we've arrived at Osaka - blogwise. I took at least 500 pictures here. There is so much to do in Osaka, a very versatile city/prefecture. And if you can't decide what to do firs - FOOD! I'm serious. If you don't know where to start, go to Dotonbori street and get some takoyaki and modern yaki (a.k.a. Osaka soul food). If I had the time, I would have "yaki-hopped" down the street. TIP: yaki-hop down Dotonbori. But if you find yourself in similar time constraints, this is the restaurant to settle at:

          Another perk of starting your Osaka adventure in Dotonbori is that you're guaranteed to pop out at Shinsaibashi, the largest shopping district in Osaka. If you're anything like me (i.e. female, between the ages of 15 and 25, loves photographing people, appreciates fashion on an eccentric level, and sees the therapeutic value of shopping), this stop will be the highlight of your trip and you are destined to spend at least 2 full days here. Shinsaibashi is any shoppaholic and fashionista's destination.  You can find anything from brand name goods to secondhand vintage at nice bargains to traditional Japanese wear to things you never pondered the existence of. And if you're not in the spending mood or need a break from walking but aren't ready to retire yet, TIP: find a dessert place or cafe where you can sit for a while and people-watch. I invite you to be mesmerized by Shinsaibashi fashion. Maybe even pick up a few tricks to try back home. =]

"WOMB" was my favorite clothing store.

My "stalk spot" was at Partyland, a DYI fro-yo place:

Other cool things I saw in Shinsaibashi:

Large Yamaha store in Shinsaibashi. A must for musicians. P.S. the store is mostly underground. I mean literally.

          When you've had enough of modernism is a perfect time visit the Osaka Castle [Osakajo]. The castle is situated at the heart of a large public park, and by the time you reach the stronghold you will have seen/smelled/breathed-in nature at its finest. It's amazing to me how such unadulterated environment can still exist.  Even the castle and its constituents seem like how they would have been 400 years ago, when they were constructed.  The only noticeable difference is that the castle is now a museum - accessible to those of us who aren't shogun or Oda Nobunaga. #legendaryhero

I recommend buying tickets to see the inside of the castle, even if you aren't a history buff,  because this was so worth it:


  1. Love your description of modern yaki/okonomiyaki.
    Just curious - how would you describe takoyaki?

    1. Haha, tricky! What I'm NOT going to describe it as is "octopus ball". (Although reasonable, just sounds so wrong.) It's more like the small round version of the okonomiyaki that sticks exclusively to octopus for its filling. =]

  2. Really like the greenery outside Osaka castle. Do you have any pics of them that are wallpaper-y? :D