Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 Most Awesome Wikipedia Pages (Categorical)

In No Particular Order:
We've all Wikipedia-ed our names haven't we? 
2. Culture: Stereotypes of East Asians in the Western world
Bowl-cut for boys. Straight long bangs for girls. And we all do martial arts.
3. Fashion: Mullet (haircut)
"Redirected from MULLETS" - For some reason, people feel the need to type it in capital letters. 
4. Human Behavior: Awkward Silence
"When Europeans communicate with Japanese, a period of meaningful silence is sometimes misinterpreted as an awkward silence." ... *awkward silence*
5. Facial Hair: Toothbrush moustache
So relevant to life.
Note: if you search "Hitler's testicle", you'll be automatically redirected to "Adolf Hitler".
6. Websites: Wikipedia
A Wikipedia page about Wikipedia?? Genius.
7. Food: Fried egg
Hands down the cutest Wikipedia page, ever.
8. Personalities: Lord Voldemort
Lovely profile pic.
9. Movements: Troll (Internet)
"In Thai, the term 'krean' (เกรียน) has been adopted to address Internet trolls." - Wikipedia deserves respect for this.
10. Politics & Economy: Thaksinocracy & Thaksinomics
Votebuying: check. Cronyism and Nepotism: check. A double standard and biased judiciary: check. Populism: check. Conflicts of interest: check. Tax evasion: check.
Rent-seeking and extortion: check.


  1. Favorite part:
    "The word sadistic is reported to be inspired by her insensitive sense of humor." LOL.

    I've also wandered onto "Stereotypes of East Asians in the Western world" by coming from "Madame Butterfly."

    (I want to blog more too. But flood-induced e-learning by Renweb is getting in the way.)

  2. Renweb. Ew.
    You probably already know from Joyce and Facebook that Chula will be closed until Nov 14th - this means less Christmas glee for me.