Monday, October 10, 2011

Go Away & Don't Come Back Another Day

          Thailand doesn’t look so good this October. Really, what are we going to do about the flooding? Everything we hear from the news these days is related to the rising waters. How it has killed off rice harvests. How we have run out of sandbags to defer the waters from our homes. How students can’t take their exams because schools have been flooded. How people have been trapped without supplies for days. How some were electrocuted in the water. How trees in Ayutthaya look like short shrubs floating on the surface of the water.
          In truth, although maybe not for long, Bangkok is relatively safe. Our troubles are at most calf-deep. But it appears we have another problem to deal with:
"Nationwide Revolution
October 11th, 2011"
          Apparently the scheduled date for this “nationwide revolution” is approaching… It’s tomorrow. My first question is: WHO THE HECK IS BEHIND THIS? I mean which party or organization? I have no clue. The font is GREEN for crying out loud! Not red or yellow! All I can deduce is that whoever is behind this is powerful. This billboard is very visible: large, right along a busy highway. And the message is not asking for money. 
          ... I guess I'll just have to find out in a few hours.

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