Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Almost: 20-11

20. All I Wanted - Hailey really showcases her vocal talents in this one. The high notes make you want to gasp for air. And beautiful lyrics as usual. 

19. I really wish this wasn't on my list. Pure technicality: I had to choreograph for it.

18. Creep (Acoustic) - The original version is good, but this song was meant to be acoustic.

17. Do You Wanna - Yes, Luke, I do.

16. Pour Me Out - My sad song.

15. I Wouldn't Mind - My love song.

14.รักจริงผ่านจอ (rak jing paan jor) - [Alluding to the lyrics] I have a fantasy about picking up my phone one day and finding a text message from The Richman Toy.  

13. Home - "But a poison as sweet as nectar, could never forget or neglect her. It carries her home and closes her eyes... So she goes back under, swallows the water, fixes her face like a good little daughter, and follows her family, who follow a saint and a snake..." 

12. Remembering Sunday - Their greatest work, which I think is kinda a fluke considering... all their other stuff. Nevertheless, this deserves to be here. Truly soul-rendering. 

11. When It Rains - I remember the first time I really listened to the song I was in Tokyo in 2009. The song had always just passed my ears without really weighing down on my conscious, but this time, travelling through a different city, I inhaled the music for the first time and was blown away by it. I guess I just need to listen to it from a different perspective, a different location. Weird. Maybe in Bangkok, I bombarded myself with too much Paramore that I couldn't appreciate the songs individually.

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