Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Bread.

Today is my first day of rest in San Francisco after arriving here on Wednesday. I'm living with my high school friend, and her family. She and I are big fans of books, records, photography, and hipstery things so we've been spending everyday out wandering in the city. Already we've been to the two major record stores in San Fran: Amoeba (yes, again) and Rasputin Records. I bought a record from each (and a few CDs). This time I had my artists in mind beforehand! I also learned a little bit of history about the two stores: the founders of Amoeba are people who left Rasputin. ;]
Rasputin Records - They have my favorite album,
and look at their Beatles section!
Amoeba had my favorite album too

Unfortunately - and I've noticed this since L.A. - book stores are becoming less and less popular. For some reason the digital age is hurting book sales but not record sales. =[ I haven't been to any Barnes and Nobles or Borders yet, although I HAVE TRIED. I did however find a smaller bookstore, Booksmith, on Haight Street yesterday. (Haight, pronounced like "hate".) Haight Street has many vintage stores that are so much fun to browse through. Be careful though! Lots of bums and druggies in the area!
1. Booksmith - they recommend stuff!
2. Finding my favorite flower on Haight Street.
3. Vintage clothes and gumball machine.
4. Buttons at a crafts store.

I feel like such a tourist here because my camera is always out. And I'm just shooting random things like buildings, buses, cable cars, cafes, hipsters... Just because the environment is so different than what I'm used to. The buildings are similar to downtown L.A. I don't know how to describe it but classic architectural. Bangkok is more modern and sleek.
And the slopes! I've always seen them in movies, but now I'm experiencing the real thing! It's like you can always see a background, middle ground, and foreground because the buildings are not on a level ground. Another notable feature about San Francisco's look is the colors. When I travel home on the BART (like BTS in Bangkok), I pass this residential area and it is just so colorful. Yellows, pinks, light blues, minty greens. I love it. The distribution of colors is random, but evenly spaced out. In the city, it's more of a classy palette: beige buildings with dark colored details. The red cable cars add the finishing touch.
"San Fran BTS" - I start from Millbrae everyday.

As for food, I think the bread here is really good. There are lots of sandwich places. I also had pizza last night, and the dough was really good.
Foreground: Beef Brisket Panini
Background: Chicken Pesto Panini

Keep following because I have yet to visit San Francisco's ultimate attractions: the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf.

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