Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Ultimate Touristy Things To Do in San Francisco

Happy 4th of July! For now things are calm here, but I expect some extravagant action at night.
Yesterday my friend and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, in addition to touring around Fisherman's Wharf! I love the Wharf. Good food. Good view. Good street music.

Mika's Must Do's For Tourists:
1. Have the white clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl at Fishman's Wharf.
2. Visit the Lefty's store at the Wharf. It's hilarious. Especially if you are a lefty yourself (like me).
3. Alcatraz (the notoriously famous prison) is floating out just beyond the Wharf. Take a picture of yourself with it from the Wharf... And if you're able to, take the ferry to it!
4. Drive down Lombard Street. It's tricky! The most zig-zag thing next to zippers.
5. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge. (Or rent a bike; that looked fun too.)
6. Stand in line for Ice Cream at Ghirardelli's (San Fran's most famous chocolatier).

It was SUPER WINDY on the Golden Gate Bridge by the way. I had to yell to hear myself and talk to my friend. But luckily the wind wasn't blowing against us. It helped us across. =]

The best chowder I've ever had.


Look at this escapee posing as a tourist!
[Photography by: Richelle Chen]

Lombard Street

First-timers should get the Ghirardelli's Chocolate on a chocolate dipped waffle cone - a classic.

This is Maxi.
She waited for me on the other side of the bridge.

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