Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Fran, Street Style

          My last day in San Francisco turned out to be the best day I had in San Francisco. My friend's brother dropped us off at the Ferry Building, which is where one of the Blue Bottle cafes is located at. On the way I caught of glimpse of the AT&T park, the big ballpark in SF. 
         The Ferry Building was such a beautiful place. From the outside it looks like a station or some corporate building, but it's actually a charming marketplace inside. Located right on the dock and on Market Street, the Ferry Building originally served as trade post for the entire bay. When it opened in 1898, ferryboats were the only means of transportation across the bay. Hence the Ferry Building brought together all sorts of characters and edibles in San Francisco.
Blue Bottle
New Orleans Style Iced Coffee [by Richelle Chen]  
          After we had our coffee at Blue Bottle (I recommend the New Orleans Style Iced Coffee by the way), Richelle (that my friend!) and I walked across the street to the downtown area...again! It was slightly chilly that day and in the excitement of finding a DAISO in SAN FRANCISCO, I bought 2 scarves for a $1.50 each. =]
          At that point, Richelle and I decided to spend the day doing and seeing the most "street" things in the city. We watched several street dancing performances. We had hotdogs from those famous hotdogs stands. I tipped a bum doing some kind of mime. We found the "Jesus Christ Loves You" guy who usually stands in front of Forever 21. We saw the drums of a locally famous street drummer, but he wasn't there. We even witnessed a worker's strike, and I asked one of the strikers about it.
1. The corporate area.
2. Street flower vendor.
3. Street drums minus the drummer.
4. The Jesus Christ Loves You guy.
5.  Street dogs!

          We also walked down Castro street, which was a really nice place. If you don't already know, Castro is known for being a gay street. But IT IS NOT SCARY AT ALL! I love the rainbow flag that are hung everywhere. And the people are so charming. One guy helped me out when I was talking about directions out loud. 
          At the end of Castro street is Dolores Park which Richelle says is where all the hipsters hang out. And across Dolores is Bi-Rite Creamery! There is usually a long line at this ice cream place, but we happened to walk in at the right time. I had the salted caramel and lavender honey. Both tasted amazing. I highly recommend. The lavender honey was a real surprise.
          Before walking Castro however, Richelle and I went to the CONTAINER STORE, which in addition to being Oprah Winfrey's favorite store is... my favorite store! What is more beautiful than organization? (Professor Daved, that is my rhetorical question!)
Ask me about what I got when you see me... because I'll have it with me!
          At the end of the day, I had Mexican food at Celia's with Richelle and her family minus a brother because no one called him. Whoops. We all returned home for a while before heading out again to the other brother's place. =P It was a good ending because I got to see everyone right before I left, even Maxi. Goodbyes were bittersweet.
Richelle, giving me the "What?" in front of Celia's.

One last capture of "home" in San Francisco.

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