Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Passion for Street Art

Left: Monday. All I had on me was my sucky quality BB camera.
Right: Yesterday. Intentionally brought my good camera. =]
          I hope you're wondering why I am so excited over this seemingly mundane piece of vandalism because I'm dying to tell what it really is. This little mosaic "graffiti" is actually an original piece of artwork by a world-renown street artist who goes by Space Invader, or just Invader.
          Now let's back up a little. How did I learn about this Invader? Answer: The European Union Film Festival. One of my favorite films of the fest was a UK documentary called "Exit Through the Gift Shop". This movie completely changed my perspective on street art. If you're a person who looks at graffiti and sees vandalism, I implore you especially to watch this documentary. Because that used to be me.
          Anyways, a quick synopsis. The movie shines the spotlight on a world of artists who characteristically shy away from the lime-light. After all, what they do "is in sort of a legal gray-area." But this is what is intriguing about their art. It's controversial, and yet highly influential because of its accessibility. Think about it. You don't have to go to the museum to find them. You already see them everyday! This Invader for example, I've easily passed over 100 times in my life. (Hint: Rachaprasong)... And on top of all this, Exit is a comedy - it'll make you laugh.

I'm determined to find more. I'm on a quest.

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