Sunday, July 24, 2011

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          If you have me on Facebook and actually give a damn about my personal life, then you probably already know that I recently got my film developed! I can't get over how beautiful the shots turned out, so I'm going to shamelessly promote the best ones here. (Sorry for the redundancy, my Facebook friends.)

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
& Others from Universal Orlando
[shot with $13-disposable film camera]
1. "Welcome to Hogsmeade"   2. A real butterbeer vendor   3. Honeydukes candystore
4. In front of Ollivander's with fellow wizards
1. "All aboard the Hogwarts Express!"   2. Added some lomo-effects on this shot of Hogsmeade
3. A "curious" crate I would call this.   4. Souvenir coin machine; insert 50 cents & a penny.

Artsy Activities
[shot with a way more expensive film camera - thus the amazing quality]
[EU Film Fest @Bangkok Art & Culture Center:]
1. My fellow art-enthusiast friend,
Mind, with some epic photos of old Siam
2. Portrait artist Khun Robert and his charcoal sketch of me!
3. Some intriguing flavors of ice-cream during movie intermission - Tokyo Banana & Yogurt Strawberry
[Unrelated:] 4. Excited about listening to my brand new Phoenix LP for the first time.

Attempts to Get on Mom's Good Side
[Canon EOS Kiss, film]
1. Good morning, mother.   2-3. Happy birthday, mother.
4. The final attempt; got dad's help on this one.

Aikido: Black Belt Examinations,
June 18, 2011
[Canon EOS Kiss, film]
Mostly pictures of Mac (17).

Night @ Beirut, Lebanese Restaurant
[Canon EOS Kiss, film]
Parents. Meats & Breads. Tasty Tea. Friends.

That's enough for now. (This post took me a ridiculously long time.) More film posts to come as I travel backwards in time sequence. I'd just like to leave you with this personal thought about the film hobby: Because one film roll tends to cover several different events and you have no way of checking the success of each shot after you take them, film photography offers you so much more excitement and surprise.


  1. Also I think the ice cream was Tokyo banana and yogurt strawberry?

  2. Oh ok! I also thought cheesecake didn't seem right, but I couldn't figure it out. Revision!